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Buy a new adult bike and get up to £450 back in free kit and clothes.
Buy a new adult bike and get up to £450 back in free kit and clothes.

Enter voucher code FREEKIT15 for 15% of the value of your bike in kit. Make sure you add the kit you want!

Please note that when processing the sale we can only allow the voucher code savings to be applied if you have added the relevant value of kit.

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Ridgeback Products

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Ridgeback Products

Way back in 1983, Ridgeback Bikes was among the first British companies to introduce mountain bikes to these shores. Since then Ridgeback have been equally admired for the assured quality of their touring bikes, hybrid bikes and kids' bikes - every one designed in Britain for British riding conditions. Ridgeback are part of Madison - the UK's Shimano importer. That's significant because Ridgebacks are often the most Shimano-rich bikes at every price point - even their entry-level bikes are more likely to be fitted with authentic Shimano cables - all in the interest of creating a better working and more reliable bicycle.

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