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Folding & Electric Bikes

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Folding & Electric Bikes

Folding Bikes
If your looking for a bike that's particularly easy to securely store at home or at work and/or you want a bike that you can take with minimum fuss on plane or train or car or bus, a folding bike is an elegant solution. Of all the folding bikes on offer, Brompton bikes are the most celebrated for being the fastest folding and the easiest to trolley along, say, a station platform. Of all the bikes we sell, Brompton bikes are among the best loved among a growing legion of our customers and staff.

Electric Bikes
If you like the idea of cycling but consider it to be too much effort, consider an electric bike. Electric bikes, often called e-bikes, are similar to conventional bikes but with one crucial difference. A battery-powered electric motor kicks in when assistance is welcome, such as when riding uphill or into a head wind. Because their motors automatically cut out at 15 MPH, e-bikes are classified under the law as bicycles, not motor cycles, so you can ride one without a licence, tax, insurance or a helmet, and you can park it wherever you might lock a regular bike. If you are looking for all the freedom and fun of cycling but less of the effort, arrange a test ride on one of our growing range of electric bikes including Giant electric bikes from Asia, Koga electric bikes from the Netherlands and Wisper electric bikes from the UK.

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