Early Rider

Early Rider is a British company with a glorious ambition – to give children the best possible introduction to cycling.

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Introducing Frog Bikes

Frog is a British bicycle company with a mission – to create the best kids’ bikes they can. The couple who created Frog bikes are parents of young cyclists themselves. Being cycling enthusiasts, they know that if a bike is to delight, a good place to start is to make sure it’s as light as possible and that it fits properly.

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Kids' bikes

Kids’ bikes: an introduction

Like swimming your first length or playing your first chord on the guitar, learning to ride a bike is one of those lifetime landmark achievements you will never forget.

You might set off with a feeling of trepidation. You might wobble a little. Then suddenly it all comes together. You realize that you can balance, steer and pedal simultaneously. The feeling of empowerment is intoxicating.

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